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Briston is a ball of anxiety masquerading as an author. She has lived her entire life in the southern United States, and currently lives there with her husband, two cats, two dogs, and the world's cutest child. She attended Christian Brothers University and received two bachelors degrees: one in Computer Science and one in Electrical Engineering (and so help her, a minor in math.) And no, you didn't misread the heading of this website. She is an author, despite her background. By day, she works in IT, and by night she writes.

She's been writing since she can remember. She's written with friends, on (and it's weirder sister, fictionpress), in binders instead of taking notes for class, literally everywhere. But she really started to chase her dream of being published in 2015, however. Since, she's written 10 books and queried 3, though she hopes to share them all one day. It has been and always will be her passion.

In recent years, she's found her voice online. Owning the different things that make up her identity: writer, OCD, ADHD, biromanticism, asexuality, a boiling hot mess, and she's channeled it into her writing, which led her to find representation with Kelly Peterson as Rees Literary. 

And, well, hopefully a lot more.


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