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ace of hearts

status: complete

genre: ya contemporary

City View

Carter Woodhouse's ten-year-plan ends with her becoming a world-famous matchmaker via her YouTube channel and revolutionizing romance. But to get there, she needs to garner a following, cultivate a perfect reputation, and above all, control the narrative about her asexuality. Which means guarding her heart until she's proven she can do this romance thing. It's going brilliantly—her matchmaking record is spotless and her channel is steadily growing—until an attempt to match-make her best friend destroys their friendship, and he outs her as asexual to the entire internet.

Carter has kept the secret of her sexuality well-guarded. It's left her heart broken during her few attempts at romance, so she's sure no one would trust an asexual matchmaker. She needs a plan, fast. Salvation presents itself in the form of Shay Zhao, Carter's longtime critic and fellow YouTuber, who needs help matching her perpetually loveless cousin. Carter agrees to help only if Amaya will pretend to be her girlfriend and dispel the rumors of her asexuality.

But when Shay's cousin shows an interest in Carter's sister, someone completely wrong for him, Carter panics. She pushes them apart, afraid of losing another important relationship. Unfortunately, love doesn't follow Carter's rules. In fact, as Carter's relationship with Shay evolves, it might just break her golden rule: fame first, love later. But accepting her feelings for Shay means overcoming her anxiety about her asexuality and putting her heart on the line all over again.

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