I COULDN’T PUT THIS DOWN. The story and the characters just kept bouncing around in my head.

-Katie Passerotti,


Red Plastic Portrait

OFF WITH HIS HEAD is a rally cry – twisty, dark, and delicious, Brooks doesn’t hold back for a moment. A story of hope for everyone who has ever lost someone, craved the touch of someone unattainable, or had their heart bleed for their found family, I loved every page of this book and will never stop shouting it’s praises.

– Katie Golding, FEARLESS

There were so many moments where I literally was like muttering to myself “nonononononono” because FREAKY AS **** MAN. Hits the horror genre on the head.

-Cortney Radocaj,

agent at Belcastro Literary

Doorway Light

This is a book that refuses to let you go...the emotions and characters will forever live in my soul!

-Tiffany Elmer, agented author

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