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status: REVISING

genre: crossover ya sci-fi

neon city background concept. .jpg

Armed with her rapier and a fiery temper, seventeen-year-old Lilith will stop at nothing to win her father the Regency and wipe out the insurgents threatening his life.

Maverick, a lethally charming cyborg assassin, leads a group of revolutionaries bent on using their ability to manipulate the fabric of reality to change the world order. They’ve been hunting Lilith's father since he declared his intent to run for the Regency. Maverick declares he's out to punish her father for his corruption, but Lilith knows it’s a lie.

Following an attack on her father’s life, she resolves to find her own answers. She connects the terrorists to her father's political opponent, and, under the guise of a school field study, flies across the country to get her evidence.

Her mission goes awry when the opponent is killed by Maverick, drawing the suspicion to a new suspect: her father. Lilith, unable to acknowledge the possibility, works desperately to convince her friends and the world that her father is a good man. But as battle lines are drawn, Lilith must reconcile her beliefs with a new truth—she's on the wrong side of the war.

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